Our Services

Hardware Services

1.1 PC/Laptop Maintenance
We are providing the services for maintenance of personal computers and laptops, we provide the solutions for any kind of troubleshooting in these equipments as per the clients satisfaction.

1.2 Printers /Fax & Photocopier’s Maintenance
We are having the capacity and providing the services for maintenance of printers, Fax and photocopiers, their cartage refilling, over all service of the equipment and any kind of trouble shooting in these equipments

1.3 Networking Services
We are delivering our expertise of networking to our clients both through caballing and wifi environment.

1.4 Computer Lab Installation
We are providing services of computer lab installation in the institutions/organizations by providing all the equipments as well as the software and networking service to the clients at very reasonable cost as per the need of the clients.

1.5 Sale of IT Equipments
We are also providing the all kind of IT equipments to our clients with the competitive price to our clients with the local warranty (on specific items)

Software Services

2.1 Windows trouble shooting/Data Recovery
We provide the windows installation, partition management and data recovery services to our clients.

2.2 Domain Registration
We offer reliable and highly optimized domain registration services without any delays or excessive costs. Our domain registration service carries a 100% satisfaction guarantee with complete documentation backup. You own the domain we help you register and we protect your ownership.

2.3 Web Hosting Service
We support both the Windows and Linux platforms and our highly affordable pricing structure is the envy of the industry. Our up-time record is 99.9% with multiple layers of backup and data recovery systems that are routinely tested for reliability and precision.

2.4 Web design - Making creative websites
You can make and grow your presence on-line by making a professionally designed website that is:
* Impressive
* Well displayed with good navigation systems
* Appealing with nice color scheme
* Elegant with good graphics
* Fast loading
* Playing well in search engines

2.5 Database Development
We provide databases development and programming services in C, C++, Visual C++, Java, Visual Basic, Oracle, PhP, mySQL, MS Access. We provide both web and PC based applications